MIT Developer Programme

MIT Dynamic now operates a Developers Programme to provide detailed technical information regarding the underlying technologies upon which UCentric, Asset Manager, Ask Seymour, Novalog IP, HyperDirectory and MiMessage are based.

The programme is subject to a NDA and annual fee, and provides the following: –

  • Access to the Database Schemas for the products.
  • REST API access for UCentric Voice Audit/Ask Seymour.
  • One-on-One training workshops with developers/3rd line support.
  • Access to UCentric applets and toolkits used by the MIT staff.
  • Access to ‘beta’ software for evaluation prior to release.

MIT's membership with Partner Programmes

MIT works directly with many manufacturers in order to ensure that our products not only interwork, but are also compliant with individual interface specifications. Recent partnerships include working with vendors such a TPP who have been delivering clinical systems to the NHS for seventeen years with their SystmOne platform which is being used by 200,000 NHS staff across England and hosts electronic records for 36 million patients.

MIT is also part of the Microsoft Partner Programme, Cisco Developer Network, Avaya DevConnect, Mitel Solutions Alliance, Broadsoft Xtended, IBM PartnerWorld and many more.