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Billmonitor for business

Billmonitor was launched in 2009 by three mathematicians in Oxford. Using advanced maths to turn the complexity of bills and tariff into simple, actionable intelligence, it allows users to make informed decisions and save money in a market where the networks do their best to keep things murky.

In 2014 they turned their sights to the business market, applying the same technology and expertise to help UK businesses. Recommended by MoneySuperMarket, they’ve worked with all types of organisations, from large corporations and SMEs, to charities and the public sector (finding 46% savings on average).

MIT are partnering with Billmonitor to provide you with analysis of your mobile phones in the same way that MIT provides analysis of your fixed lines.

Their business model – you have nothing to lose

Generally, you shouldn’t trust people who make this claim, but in our case it’s true. They’ve structured our business model so that, unless they find savings for you, you pay them absolutely nothing. This makes them very different from the rest of the industry.

Their principles

They believe in transparency, impartiality, and standing up against dishonesty. Yes, they want to make money, but not when it’s at odds with doing what’s best for you. Keeping the networks honest is what gets them out of bed in the morning.How it works

1. They crunch your bill, comparing your usage against 1.2 million tariff and bundle combinations

2. They provide you with a free, no obligation summary of our findings, including your savings potential.

3. They work with you to secure the best deal with the networks, whether you are in or out of contract.

4. They charge you 30% of money saved (no savings, no fee).

5. They offer you additional, optional bill monitoring services.

For more information visit and remember to mention that you were sent there by MIT!