Intuitive Reporting

UCentric doesn’t ask you to enter lots of complex search criteria, simply select the date range and click go! The reports can be viewed from any browser, and saved as either a PDF or Excel Spreadsheet for use later



UCentric re-imagines call logging

Traditionally call logging solutions only provide the capability to log and analyse call traffic. UCentric is able to look at multiple PABX’s, Skype-for-Business/Lync and other cloud-based solutions.

Each user can gain access to their own performance reports, and managers can view the performance of their entire team.

UCentric can report in real-time

All call data is captured and immediately available to report on as soon as the call completes.

Easy to use

Designed with all users in mind, the web-based reporting package is intuitive and easy-to-use.

Resilience and scaling

Based on Microsoft SQL Server and Node, UCentric scales from SME to enterprise-level organisations.


UCentric is compatible with all modern and legacy PABX’s that have a call logging output. It has been lab tested and is in daily use on every major vendor platform in existence.