Large-scale Voice Migrations

A large government department was moving their mix of traditional PABX platforms to a hosted Cisco solution. The migration was for 125,000 lines over a 24 month period. Of this the data capture phase was a fixed 12 months timeline. By using UCentric data capture technology, the system was configured, tested and set live after only eight months, the data capture phase having been completed in two months.

Traditional Telephone

In-Life Monitoring

A large multinational bank utilised the auditing capabilities of UCentric to not only ensure that all their communications platforms were operating within capacity and performance thresholds, but also that they were compliant with legislative requirements in terms of configuration and operational monitoring. The bank in question audits 150+ call recording platforms within their UK prescience each day, and with this data, ensured that that they avoided an estimated £1,000,000 fine from the FCA for non-compliance.

Staff Allocation at a large Police Force

Utilising UCentric, a large regional Police force has improved its performance and cut overheads. This was achieved in two ways; Firstly the call logging data enabled the Police force to ensure that they had the correct number of staff working within their call centre during each shift. The data was automatically fed into their shift-tracking solution to expedite this. The performance metrics were achieved by creating a deep analysis algorithm of the call data enter the force by either 999, 101 or other local numbers. From this data UCentric was able to provide Home Office statistics on an automated basis, which also highlighting any bottlenecks or issues with 101.