The MiSMS bi-directional SMS Gateway from MIT provides a fully integrated solution for the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages. Allowing full integration via SQL or a REST API which features full compatibility with patient booking platforms.

  • Sends AND Receives SMS Texts utilising existing mobile contracts
  • Low or Zero-cost for sending texts
  • Fully integrated into MIT Web Portal
  • Can be hosted on any existing MIT telephony solution
  • Can work as a standalone product or on existing servers
  • Integrates into existing appointment platforms (such as TPP SystmOne)
  • Fully open SQL and REST API’s for 3rd-party integration
  • Full logging of all events and recipient responses
  • Works with all Mobile Providers (UK and International)

PABX Email/SMS Alarms – Sentinel

PABX Sentinel is an alarm detection system that can offer instant severity-dependant notification (via e-mail and SMS text) in the event of a PABX fault.

  • 24/7 monitoring of PABX alarms via serial, IP or SNMP
  • Delivers real-time detailed alarm information via e-mail and / or SMS text message notifications
  • Alert procedure can be varied depending on time, day, PABX and alarm severity
  • Provides secure web-based reports and statistics for all alarm events
  • Optional monitoring of PABX room temperature