MIT Staff provide 3D printed ear-guards for staff at Queens Hospital

UPDATE (23/04): Since this article was first published on 16/04/2020, a care home in Essex which were also provided with some of the clips we have been printing got in touch. They were pleased to confirm that the clips could be used for both the full-face shields and the elasticated face masks they had, they went on to say they would ensure staff were provided with them for safety and comfort.

MIT staff are using their 3D Printers to print plastic ear-guards for staff at Queens Hospital, Romford. and 20 care homes in mid-Essec.

The printers which are usually used to print accessories, cases and mounts for MIT IOT Devices are not currently in use due to COVID-19 restrictions. Knowing this, Our CTO, Paul McGuinness and development team decided to use the printers to aid hospital staff after learning from friends and relatives who work within the NHS of requests for this type of equipment.

Further inspiration for the idea came from the boy scout in Canada who responded to an open call from a local hospital and started to print them on his own 3D printer ( These ear-guards protect mask wearers from ear irritation which is a currently a regular problem due to the lengthened period of time the masks are being worn for in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.