MIT Product Range

MIT’s core application suite includes PABX Auditing, Call Trend Analysis, Notifications Portal, Systems Health Monitoring, eFax Gateway services, Call Recording and Centralised Directory Management. This is achieved through a range of complimentary communications products that can serve the needs of organisations ranging from standalone deployments to our largest international customers.

This is acheived by utilising the Core Web Portal in order to access and manage the following MIT products

PABX Auditing from Asset Manager (also known as Ask Seymour)

Asset Manager is a unique and fully automated remote auditing system that can manage any type and number of telephone systems and peripheral devices.

  • Provides comprehensive scheduled audits of both TDM and IP systems for control of day-to-day asset management, maintenance renewals and a full asset knowledge base for migration to a New or hosted solution for either a single site or entire estate
  • Kit List Reports on hardware, cabinet maps, card types, revisions, capacities and utilisations along with handset quantities by type and model
  • Reports on configuration, call routing, firmware revisions, software options and licensing, Classes Of Service / Restriction and change management
  • Comparison reports on moves and changes to hardware, firmware, routing and configuration dramatically reducing any change freeze whilst migrating to a new or hosted solution
  • Anti-fraud reporting on call forward configuration
  • SQL database based, featuring a flexible multi-user secure web portal with Access Control Lists (ACL)

Example of Asset Manager PABX Tree View

The current supporting vendor list for Asset Manager Audits is as follows (Note: Legacy platforms are also supported):

Aastra – MX-One, Alcatel – OmniPCX, Avaya – CM/Definity/Multivantage, Cisco – CUCM, Ericsson – MD110, GPT – BTeX, IPC – Dealerboard, Inter-Tel – Axxess, Mitel – 3300/SX2000/5000, Nortel – Meridian/CS1000/BCM, Siemens – HiPath/HiCom/Realitis/iSDX, 3Com – NBXAvaya: MGC, AES, AFS, AUS, CSCM, CMS, One-X, MAS/MSS, SES, Session Manager & System Manager, Mitel: 6100, NuPoint, MSL, Recorders: CyberTech, NICE, Redbox, Witness, General: Cisco Routers, Linux Servers, Windows Servers


Call Management and Trend Analysis – Novalog IP

Novalog IP is a powerful, easy-to-use and highly flexible point and click, web portal based, call management solution for all your call reporting, fraud protection and call traffic analysis requirements.

  • Supports TDM & IP across multiple vendors and interfaces (IP Streaming / serial / dial-up / FTP / SQL) at multiple locations with multiple provider tariffs
  • SQL database based, featuring a flexible multi-user secure web portal with Access Control Lists (ACL).
  • Call cost management structured by group, country, site, department and extension delivered by e-mail in Excel or PDF
  • Comprehensive reporting of all key performance indicators: fully automated plus ad-hoc reports that are fully user definable
  • 24/7 Sentinel alarms for call fraud detection (by cost, duration, dialled number, traffic latency and unexpected call patterns) with e-mail and/or SMS alerts
  • Integrated web-based directory management including import from PBX, LDAP server (Active Directory), XML or spreadsheet
  • Blue Light emergency services platform integration and radio traffic logging.

Example of Novalog IP Time-to-Answer Report


ACD Reporting

Live Web-based monitoring system offering sophisticated real-time and historic performance analysis of ACD Agents, groups and paths

  • Real-time Agent status view available via flexible a web portal for Supervisors, Agents, or display on an external Live view screen
  • Agent performance via timeline reporting and key performance indicators
  • Comprehensive tracking of ACD path statistics including calls interflowed in and out bound
  • Emailing and Excel export options
  • Configurable Agent PC Wallboard software


SMS Gateway (Bi-Directional)

SMS Gateway from MIT provides a fully integrated solution for the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages. With an open SQL and REST API, and fully Compatibility with patient booking platforms.

  • Sends AND Receives SMS Texts utilising existing mobile contracts
  • Low or Zero-cost for sending texts
  • Fully integrated into MIT Web Portal
  • Can be hosted on any existing MIT telephony solution
  • Can work as a standalone product or on existing servers
  • Integrates into existing appointment platforms (such as TPP SystmOne)
  • Fully open SQL and REST API’s for 3rd-party integration
  • Full logging of all events and recipient responses
  • Works with all Mobile Providers (UK and International)

SMS Gateway


PABX Email/SMS Alarms – Sentinel

PABX Sentinel is an alarm detection system that can offer instant severity-dependant notification (via e-mail and SMS text) in the event of a PABX fault.

  • 24/7 monitoring of PABX alarms via serial, IP or SNMP
  • Delivers real-time detailed alarm information via e-mail and / or SMS text message notifications
  • Alert procedure can be varied depending on time, day, PABX and alarm severity
  • Provides secure web-based reports and statistics for all alarm events
  • Optional monitoring of PABX room temperature


Delta Probe DHC (Daily Health Checks)

Where Asset Manager captures a full system configuration, Delta Probe is designed to capture capacity, performance and utilisation metrics for compliance and system health purposes.

  • Utilises existing Asset Manager data to access TDM and IP platforms
  • Allows multiple schedules within any 24hr period to capture time-sensitive metrics (e.g. Temperature, Disk Space, CPU usage etc.)
  • Highly normalised data allows easy trend analysis
  • ‘Traffic Light’ alerts for any user-defined alarm conditions
  • REST API and SQL Schema provides a low-level integration with existing BI and business availability platforms
  • Automated Excel management reports provide a detailed analysis of systems performance and availability
  • Provides an intelligent data dashboard across multiple platforms
  • Dynamic source of compliance data and information across all disciplines.

Example of Delta Probe DHC Trending


MiMessage eFax Server

The MiMessage eFax Server is a centralised bi-directional fax gateway for the automatic conversion of received faxes to PDF and emailed Word/PDF documents to a fax machine via the user’s desktop or mobile device.

  • Connects to the local PABX via Digital or SIP Trunks
  • Automatically converts email attachments to fax format for automatic transmission
  • Answers and receives incoming faxes and delivers to users desktop or mobile device as PDF
  • Scalable from SME to Enterprise-sized clients
  • Web based portal for retrieval of previously sent or received faxes
  • Full audit logs of all transmissions
  • Compatible with ALL email clients (desktop or mobile)
  • Dynamic adaptation of malformed documents and spreadsheets for optimum readability
  • Email notification of fax delivery
  • Supports Mirrored Redundancy across networked servers

Example of MiMessage eFax Notification of Fax

Example of MiMessage Mailbox Editing


Call Routing – IntelliRAD

IntelliRAD provides total control of incoming calls with interactive voice menus, auto-switching recorded information and sophisticated call transfer capabilities.

  • Voice message and interactive menus selected via incoming call channel, call forwarding digits or caller key-press
  • Supports up to 3000 messages and menus, linked together or implemented individually
  • Automated dynamic message, menu and routing reconfiguration based on time of day, day of week and date
  • Comprehensive reporting of caller option and route selections to assist with menu optimisation
  • Wide array of call transfer options (including dial-and-confirm transfers) and other key-press response actions


Directory Syncronisation – HyperDirectory

HyperDirectory is an advanced directory aggregator platform allowing vastly disparate data sources to be combined for the population of Active Directory, or as an equivalent central directory source.

  • Bidirectional directory synchronisation
  • Automated multiple source directory merge (e.g. Excel, Text, Direct PBX connections, SQL, Active Directory)
  • Quick web based search and edit portal
  • User definable fields
  • MIT Tool Set synchronisation
  • SQL database based, featuring a flexible multi-user secure web portal with Access Control Lists (ACL)
  • REST API access

Example of HyperDirectory Search Results



WireMap provides a visualisation tool for all point-to-point voice and data infrastructure information.

  • Multi-tenant, multi-vendor compliant
  • Full integration into Asset Manager scans
  • Internal library of standard objects
  • Full user-defined object editor
  • Point-and-click exploration of network
  • Simple mouse-driven drag and drop layout editor
  • Geographic longitude/latitude support with integrated maps and Google maps support
  • Simplified import of wiring data from any Excel spreadsheet
  • Export of any view to image files

Example of Wiremap View of a PABX


Call Recorder – aCTIve Studio

aCTIve Studio is a passive recording platform for all PABX platforms, offering automated recording of incoming and outgoing calls accessible via the MIT Web Portal.

The features of aCTIve Studio include:

  • Passive recording on both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Support for all major CAS and 2Mb protocols: ISDN30 (DASS-II), Q-931 (Euro-ISDN) and DPNSS
  • Support for SIP and Mitel SRC Secure SIP connections
  • Autonomously records CLI and destination number dialled
  • Secure web-portal system management and traffic reporting including live status
  • Support for global multi-vendor call recorder search and playback

Example of searching and playback of aCTIve Studio recordings

Who is this Ask Seymour guy?

Ask Seymour

Ask Seymour is our little electronic engineer. He came about as a play-on-words in the form of “Ask and you will See More”. This is a branded version of the Asset Manager product, and is the same in every respect except for the name.

Bespoke Applications

MIT have a long history of creating bespoke applications to meet with specific client requirements. Please use the Contact page to request a call back or send us more information.