What is UCentric?

Organisations are moving away from office-based, single location roles to dynamic hotdesk and home working scenarios. These dynamic working practices make it much harder to monitor and assess performance of the business and its employees.

Traditionally call logging solutions would only provide the capability to log and analyse call traffic. UCentric will be able to look at multiple data sources in order to create a single data set. As an example, UCentric will connect to multiple systems across a client’s network including Unified Communications platforms (e.g. Lync), business databases, building management systems, vending equipment, server farms and anything data source that the client wishes to capture.

UCentric can capture anything, its only data, we just need access to it. This enables us to bring disparate data into a single data set and associate with a user.
Following on from this, once we have all of this data, we are able to create ‘Non Obvious Relationships’ between the activity on these sources and assign it to the user. This provides an organisation with key analytics on user performance and enables them to use the results to improve their business.

A simple example of this may be, producing a report that shows when someone has not been working during their shift period. Or when a user has been outperforming all of their colleagues and the management would like to replicate their performance level across the entire team a best working practice.

The use of Big Data in this manner allows correlations to be drawn between seemingly disconnected data sources – Imagine being able to correlate the sales performance of a call centre based on the climate in the building, staff sickness records, or volume of calls hitting the system at any given time.,