Environmental monitoring and emission reduction

UCentric provides a single-point solution to manage all of the disparate building and environmental systems within any business.

Utilising its unique vendor-neutral design, UCentric can communicate with your HVAC, Lifts, Energy supplies, Emissions monitoring and building access systems to provide a truly holistic view of the working environment and the impact it has on the wider-World and the health of your employees.

Air quality

UCentric correlates readings from multiple sensors to combine Temperature, Humidity and Air pressure with Emission readings (CO, CO2, NO2, C2H5OH, H2 and NH3). By adding this to additional data from Particulate sensors (PM2.5, PM10, TVOC’s), UCentric can provide accurate, real-time Air Quality Indexes (AQI) of your entire estate.

Example Air Quality Index Report
Example Emissions Report

Electricity, Gas and Water Usage

Using off-the-shelf sensors, or integrating into your existing supplier network, UCentric can capture detailed information about the energy usage within your organisation and map it across systems, rooms and buildings.

Example electricity usage in a corporate kitchen

The same information can then be used to detail the carbon impact from the business, and how that can be mitigated.

Carbon impact from electricity

Environmental noise

Using low-cost noise sensors, or even leveraging data from agent headsets such as the Jabra Evolve range, UCentric can map 3D models of the environment, detailing where the most background noise can be heard.

Showing environmental sound levels
Building heatmap
Building heat-maps can show Temperature, Noise, Emissions and more.