Almost all trials now involve metadata

This could be from Mobile or Fixed Phones, PCs, Tablets, Accounting Systems, Business Systems or Social Media.

In addition to this, prosecution evidence could include Covert Recordings, Police Data Analysis (i.e. XRY reports), Prosecution ‘Expert’ evidence.

So how do you process, analyse and generate meaningful information and reports from this data? How can you turn around that vast quantity of metadata that the CPS only provided 48hrs before the trial date?

Our promise

  • We don’t charge for an initial assessment.
  • We provide a fixed cost for each instruction.
  • We fully observe GDPR and DPA during the analysis
  • Our staff have been SC cleared and CRB checked
  • We will fix all LAA cases to their approved rate (£72/hr as of Jan 2018)
UCentric Law - Expert Witness

MIT’s proven track record

MIT has provided Expert Services to chambers all around the UK in order to assist defence teams in understanding CPS and Police data. Our work has included;

  • Analysis and conversion of covert recordings
  • Location mapping
  • Chain-of-evidence analysis
  • Accounting systems invoice verification
  • Mobile phone analysis
  • Audio analysis of interview tapes

Through this work, MIT has proven;

  • Failures in IPSO guidelines
  • Breakdown of chain-of-evidence
  • Contradictory or flawed evidence
  • Presence of an agent provocateur
  • Failures of the Police recording equipment
  • Misinterpretation of evidence by the CPS