Gathering the data required for on-boarding a new client has typically been costly, time-consuming, resource intensive and prone to error .The challenge has been compounded by difficulties accessing that data and having the expertise among the project team to acquire it from legacy systems.

UCentric Voice is not only the breakthrough solution to these challenges, in some cases capable of compiling all data required in an hour, its real-time collation of data from multiple sources across multiple platforms and unique cross-referencing capability makes it the complete management tool for unified communications managers.

UCentric Voice even simplifies the management of disparate systems, technologies and metadata.Download Brochure

No need to ask your client

It is a difficult start to a new client relationship when you expect them to provide a lot of detailed information, much of which they find difficult to obtain. They may have incumbent service providers, who have no motivation to help, or have lost key skills on some of their multi-vendor equipment. If they do provide it, it may not be accurate or up to date. This can cause issues when quoting for a client’s business as errors introduced at this stage lead to expectations not being met later in the acquisition cycle.

Hosted PBX auto configurators are a proven method of reducing time and consequently cost for clients assessing usage and structure on multiple platforms. The process begins with an automated UCentric Voice scan of the multi-vendor telephony equipment to ascertain status information on utilisation. This includes the existing hardware, cards, cabinets, handset types and key press programming, thereby informing managers of equipment usage, dial plans, hunt and trunk group settings, licence usage, configured options and much more.

This data is then consolidated and normalised, making it readable, and providing a 100% accurate plan of the existing voice system estate.