The science of business behaviour

The modern globalised workforce operates from a diverse series of locations – on the move, at a “hot desk”, at home or in an office – across multiple time zones in an agile ‘just in time’ environment. The working environment has adapted to accommodate these seismic changes but working smarter means we have to challenge all the assumptions of our traditional ways of working, and introduce new approaches to management and teamwork.

UCentric People pioneers a new generation of workforce management tools and leverages the most valuable information available – an organisation’s own data sources. By collating data, cross-referencing it and producing reports in an understandable and actionable format, UCentric People empowers managers to understand in detail how work is being done and arms them with the capability to share best practice and drive efficient ways of working. UCentric People unlocks a powerful and often untapped business resource, to inform a more productive and efficient smart workforce.

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Improved collaboration

With increased globalisation we often require teams to work effectively across time zones and locations. We have the option to use team WebEx, desktop conferencing, voice conferencing, real time chat, e-mail and many other techniques. Some work better than others, making the selection of the most effective tools critical to saving time, resource and cost. By reporting on collaborative effectiveness for types of collaborative tasks, a corporation can establish guidelines and working procedures for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Employee productivity

Well -designed workplaces support how people work best, with location options such as shared hubs, hosted space, HQs, regional offices and home. The facilities, space and access provided for each environment influences how productive employees can be. UCentric can provide individuals with a self-assessment dashboard of their own productivity, all owing them to become empowered to choose the best times and places to work, start and finish times, and plan settings that suit the nature of the task and personal preferences enabling them to do the job well and quickly.

Cyber security and data privacy

Security breaches are most often caused by employee behaviour. Seemingly innocent activities such as opening attachments and using invalidated thumb drives cause the majority of security breaches. Cyber security isn’t about hyper secure environments behind massive firewalls – it’s about the small things that people do every day that are exploited by criminals. UCentric People can help monitor the interactions of your employees to identify threats and eliminate them by pro-active monitoring.

UCentric People empowerment

UCentric is able to look at multiple data sources to build a picture of working life, such as time spent on the phone, composing emails, attending conference calls and even physical activity. By combining this with corporate data on outcomes correlated against business achievements, the resulting picture can be used by individuals to improve their own effectiveness. Meanwhile, managers can take the summarised metadata to establish best practice for classes of job role and/or activity.

Employee well-being

Employees can be encouraged to integrate their lifestyle monitoring into their UCentric dashboard. UCentric can capture data from smart watches and fitness trackers to enable them to monitor their own well-being and patterns of behaviour.

Sustainability: Benefits to the broader ecosystem

UCentric People allows monitoring of employee travel and activity. This allows individuals to assess the balance of cost, effectiveness and harm to the environment of their own patterns of working and travel.