Operational streamlining from data

Smart desks and homeworking have taken over, and in tandem with unified communications offer the potential to revolutionise the working environment – for both employees and building managers. But, with differing numbers in the office each day and many working from home, how do you ensure the correct level of investment in office space and optimised productivity of staff? You’ll need to have dependable data to assess how much and what type of space is needed – and how often – and actionable reports for optimised productivity. Whether you were aware of it or not, you already have that data, you simply need the unique capabilities of UCentric to unlock its value to arm yourself with a powerful real estate management tool.


How? Using your own internet of things

Your office will be equipped with a diverse array of devices linked to the network, providing you with your own internet of things (IoT) – a colossally powerful source of data. UCentric collects this data, analyses it, finds relationships and patterns which you could never have discovered for yourself and delivers breakthrough insights on employee efficiency and effectiveness.

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Sustainability and the bottom line

Sustainability initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change across energy, water and waste management can be meticulously tracked by UCentric which can then deliver insights to help reduce costs. UCentric achieves this by continuous monitoring of building usage to provide information on occupancy and motion in real time, which in turn means dynamic optimised control of the working environment’s temperature. This detailed and real-time monitoring of energy-consuming devices allows better connectivity with the smart grids and the potential for stronger negotiation of improved price deals from utility companies. Furthermore for waste management, sensors in smart trash bins can communicate volumes to help collectors optimise pick-up timings and appropriately plan disposal of different forms of waste.

Better property portfolio utilisation

The tracking of people’s flow through a building by UCentric can also enable CRE managers to analyse space usage patterns. This information may help identify excess capacity and inform action plans for peak hours, ultimately resulting in more efficient property portfolio management. The reports generated by UCentric can also boost customers’ ability to sell properties by providing potential buyers with comprehensive usage statistics. UCentric’s predictive capability can also pre-empt a repair or maintenance issue by enabling a building manager to take appropriate corrective action before occupants notice a problem.

Informing health – and productivity

As the technology advances, sensors such as smart watches and fitness trackers will be able to help companies capture data on overall employee health. By collecting this information in a manner which does not disclose individual identity, biometric and movement data can be correlated to environmental factors such as temperature, ventilation and humidity. With this information, UCentric has the capability to adjust the working environment for optimised employee health. Over time, UCentric analysis of the movement of individuals offers managers the opportunity to design better environments, and thereby boost work patterns and the productivity of workers.

Cybersecurity and data privacy

IoT devices are notorious in the cyber security industry for providing an unprotected point of entry into a network to potential hackers. As the number of data-carrying devices increases, so do the chances of cyber-attack, and the risk of financial and reputational damage. UCentric’s real time and continuous monitoring of IoT devices, facilitates proper governance when devices are installed, checks procedures to ensure risk exposures are mitigated, and is capable of instantly identifying unusual patterns of behaviour which may be indicative of an attack.

UCentric re-imagining the office

The office has a new purpose. It is no longer the static habitat it used to be. It has become the intelligent hub of a diverse and itinerant work force. UCentric provides new ways to manage and create value for this new generation of work space.