Optimal network infrastructure

The modern corporation has globalised its office functions, with interdependent tasks being undertaken across time, language and cultural barriers. Because UCentric Voice scans the entire telecom and unified communications network, it provides a complete picture of the entire estate, allowing managers to plan and design the optimal infrastructure specifically for their organisation.


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UCentric re-imagines communications management

Traditionally call logging solutions only provide the capability to log and analyse call traffic. UCentric is able to look at multiple data sources from multiple systems, including Unified Communications platforms, in order to create a single data set. UCentric can also be configured to capture and incorporate data from business databases, building management systems, sensor data and any data source that the client wishes.

UCentric can even capture mobile call data records from

Tier 1 carriers such as EE/Vodafone/O2/BT as a semi-automated task.

Eliminate redundancy

Through constant assessment, UCentric can identify redundancy, allowing early redirection of facilities to productive use and cost reduction.

Prove compliance

For organisations operating in regulatory-controlled environments (such as when subject to FCA regulations).

Optimise network infrastructure

By constantly scanning the entire telecom and unified communications network UCentric provides a complete picture of the entire estate.