MIT Partner with Chronos Technology

Earlier this year, MIT Dynamic formed a partnership with Chronos Technology, a leading resilient GNSS system integrator, to deliver the UCentric suite of meta data analysis applications.

Organisations are surrounded by connected devices which are all recording complex information about their performance and utilisation.  Ucentric offers a breakthrough in data analysis by taking this information and combining it within custom dashboards to provide insightful and actionable information about an organisation’s business systems. It can capture information from security, environmental, communications and networks systems to provide a holistic view of your business offering bespoke intelligence on the working practices of an organisation and inform future strategies.

For a single piece of data to offer value, it first needs to be collated, analysed and cross referenced to other information. It is the infinite range of devices which can be connected to UCentric which makes it unique – linking voice, unified communications and facilities data to guide management decisions. Ultimately, as long as a device can output digital information, UCentric can incorporate it in its analysis and reports.

Calum Dalmeny, CTO of Chronos said “MIT’s UCentric solutions will bring insightful and actionable information to our customers that will help them monitor and reduce their carbon footprint and achieve SMART building status. In these challenging times UCentric can also act as a vital tool to ensure your colleagues’ wellbeing; whether working in the office or at home.”

Mike Ford, CEO of MIT Dynamic said “We are pleased to form a partnership with GNSS specialists Chronos. Their knowledge and experience, together with their dedicated installation, commissioning and support teams complement our solutions.”

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