Cloud Provisioning: Migrating on-premise PBX systems to Cisco WebEx Calling

Simplify your migration to the Cisco Cloud

UCentric greatly speeds up the entire migration process from data discovery, automated auditing of your legacy voice and PBX systems, to the automated provisioning of the Cisco WebEx Calling Cloud

Process time measured in minutes and hours 

Reduces manual input and errors via automation

Capture and transform data right up to the point of provision


The UCentric Difference

Vendor agnostic discovery

Automatically audit and report on legacy voice and PBX systems at various stages of the process. Pre-sales, discovery and right up to the point of migration.

Design and data transformation

Blend in other data sources such as Active Directory, DDI ranges and CDR/Call data to accurately identify device usage and ownership.

Data Validation

Users can be easily removed or edited in Excel spreadsheets prior to migration so no complex tools or extensive knowledge needed. Automatic audits also allow for a more efficient validation process.

Automated Provisioning

Import your UCentric migration spreadsheets and bulk loaders to automatically provision your Cisco cloud platform in minutes.

What people say about it

By using UCentric Voice Migration from start to completion, for the initial data capture and migration programme, time to cash is reduced with projects being delivered on time and under budget.

UCentric and the MIT team assisted us in migrating 125,000+ users across 8 months capturing all data in 2 months. Our standard process would have taken 5 times as long as this.

Let us show you how

Let the MIT Team give you a 30 minute demonstration of all UCentric features from automated auditing, data transformation and zero-touch provisioning to Cisco Cloud and WebEx Calling. Migrate your CUCM or legacy PBX to webex calling (Cisco by Webex) today.