Corporate social responsibility

MIT Corporate Social Responsibility

MIT are committed to supporting good causes and considering the impact of our work at all times. We also ensure that we provide a safe and motivated working environment for our employees. View our CSR policy if you would like to know more about our social and corporate commitments

CSR Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy can be found via the link below

Safer Places - 2019

MIT supported Safer Places in 2019, and donated to their Making Memories campaign which is aiming to provide children in their refuges with a day out this summer as well as uniform and stationary for the upcoming school year.

Safer places is a independent charity which supports survivors of domestic abuse by providing a comprehensive service of advice, support, advocacy, education, training and immediate access to safe accommodation when required. You can find out more about Safer Place and the Making Memories campaign here

As part of MIT’s commitment to it’s values and culture and corporate responsibility, we also chose to support a local children’s hospice “Little Havens” as our preferred charity in 2019, and organised number of initiatives over the next year to help raise the important funds they need to provide the invaluable service that they do so well.

COVID-19 (2020)

During the COVID-19 crisis in the UK, MIT and it's staff were pleased to assist out local NHS authorities by utilising 3D printers in order to print plastic ear-guards for staff at Queens Hospital, Romford. and 20 care homes in mid-Essex.

The printers which are usually used to print accessories, cases and mounts for MIT IoT Devices, but were not in use due to COVID-19 restrictions. Knowing this, Our CTO, Paul McGuinness and development team decided to use the printers to aid hospital staff after learning from friends and relatives who work within the NHS of requests for this type of equipment.

Further inspiration for the idea came from the boy scout in Canada who responded to an open call from a local hospital and started to print them on his own 3D printer ( These ear-guards protect mask wearers from ear irritation which is a currently a regular problem due to the lengthened period of time the masks are being worn for in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meetings online = less fuel

By holding more meetings online in 2019, we are able to reduce the amount of miles we travelled on the motorways. As a consequence of this, we chose to donate £10 for every meeting where we avoid an unnecessary on-the-road journey throughout that year.