Data analytics

Data Analytics

Where MIT excels is in our ability to analyse data, regardless of the source. UCentric automates the capture, normalisation, rationalisation and reporting of complex datasets from myriad sources. These could include; Voice (PABX, Mobile, Call quality), Data (Usage, Routing, Edge switches, SBC's), Environment (Emissions, HVAC, Sensor networks), Buildings (Access, Energy Usage) and AI (Smart cameras, ANPR)

Discovery, Transformation and Informed Decisions

UCentric unlocks vital insights from data – your data on your own network that could be working harder to inform your business strategies and enhance operations. When connected to your operation’s multiple devices, it captures and analyses raw information, seeks out non-obvious relationships and produces reports to improve efficiency and your top line. UCentric offers the next level in data analytics to all organisations in any sector or industry.







UCentric’s capabilities allow it to leverage an organisation’s data to provide insightful and actionable reports across all sectors and industries. By making use of the most importa