Demonstration Portal

Demonstration Portal

Our demonstration portal includes sales, marketing and demonstration material for UCentric's full capabilities. Use the buttons below to skip to a particular section.


Sample High Level Design (HLD) and Migration Plan (LLD) Reports

Our HLD reports provide a user-friendly and customer facing high level document that is ideal for verifying configuration, providing insights into system misconfiguration, migration considerations and any potential issues. These reports allow you to easily explain the current legacy or voice platform a customer may have without the need for prior knowledge of that system

Our LLD reports provide a method of verifying configuration on a low level, all device and user configuration is here for every single user. Other data sources can be blended into this report such as DDI ranges, Voicemail, AD and CDR. A provisioning team or engineer can then use the report to build the new platform or use it to automatically provision a hosted voice solution using UCentric.

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UCentric Report Examples

The UCentric suite can capture and report on a massive variety of data sources, capture UC, IOT, Environmental sensors, Call logging and more. A presentation of some of our key report types is available here, you can also download this using the button below.



UCentric Voice Migration Presentation


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