Large public service and ministerial department voice migration

Large Public Service and Ministerial Department Voice Migration

A large hosted voice provider was tasked with migrating a large multi-site government department with over 125,000 devices to their own hosted voice solution within 24 months.

This case study aims to highlight how UCentric Voice Audit and Migration was used to improve the process, reduce migration time and capture data from every system and device.


  • Thousands of legacy systems
  • Limited or no access and no automatic method of extracting data
  • 12-month data capture deadline and 2 year go-live/implementation requirement
  • Manual and time-consuming provision and build process


To overcome these challenges MIT provided both automatic and file-based data capture along with professional services to greatly improve the migration process and reduce lead time.

Thousands of legacy systems – UCentric was able to where possible automatically capture data from each system. Systems with limited or no access were able to be imported to UCentric using formatted spreadsheets.

Data capture deadline – The use of UCentric allowed up to 50 sites to be processed per day which in turn allowed for a shorter

Automatic provision- Captured data was normalised and used to created bespoke outputs using UCentric tooling to facilitate direct import into the hosted voice solution. This provided a method of


UCentric was used to effectively and efficiently manage the migration process from data capture to build stage. The hosted voice provider was able to migrate all devices and sites within 8 months with the data capture being completed within 2-3 months. A comparison with a manual project process (Figure 1) shows that UCentric was able to capture 125,000 devices 600% quicker than it would have taken using a traditional project process.

This was the largest voice migration in the UK at the time and was completed under budget and much earlier than expected.