UCentric offers the complete voice platform solution for organisations not matter what the sector or industry they operate within. UCentric Voice provides those needing an auditing, maintenance, migration, compliance and/or monitoring with a solution capable of saving time and cost with 100% accuracy. UCentric provides a level of information and knowledge that is either literally unavailable by conventional means or is unattainable for all practical purposes by manual audit processes.

Across the UCentric Voice Migration, Acquisition and In-Life pages you’ll find examples of how this revolutionary platform has already been applied, but here are just a few of UCentric’s advantages:


  • A full PABX component audit
  • Details of all routing configurations
  • Reports on all firmware versions including the identification of recalled/end-of-life devices
  • Details of all handset features and ‘out of service’ devices
  • A full system blueprint and comparative scans (‘before and after’ etc.)
  • Central storage of the status & capacity of all hardware, exportable to Excel and CSV formats
  • Detection of unauthorised configuration changes and toll fraud issues
  • The management of moves & changes
  • System migration from TDM to IP
  • The management and measurement of capacities
  • Monitoring configuration changes
  • Investigation of ‘out of service’ devices
  • General management of the asset base
  • The provision of system blueprints to aid disaster recovery

As UCentric can be fully integrated with any other device capable of outputting data, it has an almost unlimited range of applications. For examples, see UCentric Property and UCentric People, or contact the MIT team to see how it we can find a bespoke solution for your organisation’s needs.