Get Key Insights From Your Voice Estate

We have been providing voice auditing and discovery solutions for over 20 years, we are completely multi-vendor and capture data from PBX platforms or voice solutions via a variety of methods. This could be direct capture by IP, modem and VPN connections or by processing PBX system backups to offer simple “drag n drop” functionality. 

Captured data is normalised enabling voice discovery results to appear in the same format every time no matter the vendor. Produce user friendly high-level design reports in minutes, visualise PBX data such as call flows in topological diagrams or get insights into redundant programming and device utilisation. 



UCentric Voice Auditing and Discovery can be utilised during various stages of the customer lifecycle. Provide pre-sales teams with actionable intelligence when onboarding a customer without needing to ask the client. Provide technical teams with real data in usable formats to prepare for a migration or manage change and in-life voice assets with regular audits


No prior knowledge of PBX or telephony platforms needed, no need to trawl through terminals or overly complex interfaces. Just provide login and connection details or drop a PBX backup into UCentric and let it do the rest.

Informed Decisions

Make data driven decisions by utilising all of the data already available to you within PBXs, voice platforms and active directory.
UCentric makes clear sense of complex situations leading to informed decisions based upon real intelligence.


Schedule events or perform them on an ad-hoc basis, in either case the tool does all the hard work minimising human effort.
UCentric can provide analytics and audits for a platform and in minutes not days.

Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.