You've done the discovery but are you migration ready?

Getting migration ready can be one of the biggest technical challenges for any business. UCentric Voice Migration makes it easy with a simple automated approach to even the most complex migrations by providing the intelligence and insights you need to make data driven decisions. UCentric can flag potential issues or any incompatibilities with your existing devices to remove possible surprises during the migration phase allowing for a smooth transition from legacy PBX and voice platforms to hosted, UC and cloud platforms.

How it Works

Following a successful discovery the next step is to get Migration Ready. 

UCentric takes disparate data sources such as Active Directory, Call Recording, CDR, LLDP and DDI ranges and then blend this together with the PBX audit to create bulk loaders, onboarding forms or our own Low-level design report ready for migration. 

These outputs can be used for customer validation and uploading into your provisioning tool or use our Voice Provisioning to complete the end-to-end provisioning process. 


UCentric Voice Migration ensures your migration programmes are supported by accurate, up-to-date and relevant data. 

 Migration projects are often complex and time consuming and companies have finite levels of resources. Speed, Accuracy and Continuity of service are the key ingredients to a successful project which are required to reduce time to cash, bring projects in on time and ensure customers have access to new technologies and capabilities much earlier.



Results from UCentric can be measured in minutes not months from discovery, through transformation and to migration.


Ensure accurate voice migrations with data led processes and an automated approach with eliminate uneccesary errors that may occur with a manual migration.

Continuity of Service

Ensure continual service with seamless feature transition from legacy to cloud. Highlight incompatibilities between platforms and potential issues so there are no surprises during migration.

Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.