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Welcome to MIT and the

UCentric solution suite

Our output is measured in “Minutes not Months”

Our mission: 

We empower businesses with the knowledge to make data driven decisions about their voice estates through our innovative data capture, transformation, and analysis. Our insights enable repeatable processes ensuring delivery of projects both on time and under budget. 

The MIT Difference

ISO Standard Accreditations

ISO9001, 14001 and 27001 accreditations allow us to provide quality and secure services whilst considering environmental impacts

35+ Years Experience

We have been developing innovative solutions for over 35 years so you can rest assured we have the experience to deliver the right solution.

Vendor Partnerships

Partnerships with a variety of vendors ensure seamless integration and the latest product knowledge built into our offerings as standard.

Customer Service

We work closely with customers always putting them first and at the front of every design decision. Customer requested features are built into every solution.

Innovative Solutions

We are always looking to develop the most innovative solutions that provide actionable business intelligence and insights you didn't know you needed.

Agile and Efficient

We operate using the latest development methodologies which allows us to provide working solutions in weeks rather than months and years.

Our Background

MIT are a UK-based software development company specialising in data capture and communication software solutions for the Unified Communications sector.

At MIT, we have created innovative software solutions and professional services to meet the performance monitoring and support requirements of the telecommunications sector since 1987.

From our background as a  global leader in the field of PABX asset management, Cloud migrations and big data capture, MIT continue to bring their pioneering vision to the ongoing development of the Unified Communications market. These solutions currently equip our customers with the means to manage their voice and IP infrastructure, both as ongoing assets and in their migration to newer technologies.

Our latest generation of software known as UCentric uses MITs unique machine level knowledge to gather low level data from a variety of sources and using our extensive data analysis experience, UCentric can analyse and report on data required to measure, monitor and improve on sustainability, IoT and Carbon Footprint business targets.

We serve the needs of our solutions partners ranging from standalone deployments to our largest international customers. We partner with very flexible commercial and deployment  models combing software licensing and professional services as partners with some of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, and have as our customers some of the world’s largest financial institutions and public sector organisations.