End-to-End Provisioning Made Easy

UCentric provides the ability to take both data it has captured from legacy voice and telephony platform audits or provided data from a supplier, partner or system integrator and automatically provision the hosted voice solution. 

 A simple “drag and drop” zero-touch interface allows you to go from audit to provision in no time at all. 

No prior technical in-depth telephony knowledge is needed. 

How it Works


UCentric Voice Provisioning is fully supported by voice manufacturers, our partnerships allow us to deliver automated provisioning which is API driven therefore results are more predictable and ensure minimal impact to end-user clients. Our automation promotes improved planning and preparation which reduces post provisioning errors also ensuring that the correct cloud licenses are applied to users and only applied to the users that need them. 


API Driven

We utilise both public and private APIs made available to us via our strong vendor partnerships so you can rest assured that our provisioning meets the latest capabilities and compatibilities.

Waves and Phases

Migrate users in waves or phases, the end-to-end process can identify ideal pilot sites or split users into locations based on existing configuration allowing prioritisation and predictable results.

Bulk User Provisioning

Perform mass migrations from legacy voice to cloud and UC platforms via bulk user provisioning. Thousands of users can be provisioned at once.

Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.