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Voice Analytics

Call data and CDR reporting for the modern workplace, measure UC performance and get valuable business intelligence informing data driven decisions. Logging both traditional calls and UC ensures you have an accurate account of all communication allowing queries to be investigated and resolved efficiently. Our Voice Analytics solution is built upon our 25+ years experience of call logging so you can trust MIT and UCentric are delivering exactly what you need. 

Voice Auditing and Discovery

Given the amount of data your already have available it is important to be able to utilise this effectively. The reality is that data resides in many different places, in different formats and is not always connected in any way. Solutions are need which are intuitive and automated making clear sense of complex situation. 

UCentric Voice Auditing allows you to get an accurate picture of your existing estate regardless of vendor, system and compatible with many legacy platforms.

Voice Migration

Our Voice Migration solution takes an existing Voice Audit or discovery of a voice platform and provides both automated and manual transformation opportunities. Get a high-level or low-level design reports including blended data such as AD, network logs, CDR and more. UCentric Voice Migration gives you valuable insights and business intelligence such as potential incompatibilities with various cloud and UC platforms. 

Voice Provisioning

UCentric Voice Provisioning is the last step in our automated end-to-end process for provisioning from legacy voice and PBXs to cloud hosted and UC such as WebEx, Teams, Zoom and RingCentral. 

Our automated provisioning takes an existing or user-created Low-level design report and automatically provisions the data to your preferred cloud solution. 


UCentric dashboards provide all of the same analytics from the rest of UCentric suite combined with a wide range of external data sources. 

Display public traffic feeds, travel times, weather, in addition to the core UCentric data captured from voice platforms and much more. 

Professional Services

MIT Professional services acts as an extension to your own resources and talents. MIT’s core knowledge is Voice and by working in close partnership with all Voice Vendors, we have built up a knowledge and talent base that is Voice multi-vendor, legacy, Digital, IP and Cloud. 

MIT provide agile development services allowing new features and requirements to be designed and implemented quickly. 

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