MIT Professional services acts as an extension to your own resources and talents. MIT’s core knowledge is Voice and by working in close partnership with all Voice Vendors, we have built up a knowledge and talent base that is Voice multi-vendor, legacy, Digital, IP and Cloud. When providing UCentric under a software license or under a managed service, MIT will always wrap this voice knowledge base around all client solutions. MIT operate Agile development and provide support which is rapid, responsive and attentive and all results driven.  


Managed Services

MIT will host UCentric for you so you can focus on analytics, reporting, auditing, migration and transformation.

Consultancy Services

To licensed UCentric Voice customers, MIT offer consultancy services on running migrations, auditing, provisioning and best practices.


MIT offer ad-hoc training sessions for existing UCentric customers ensuring you are always placed to get the best results and business intelligence.

On-site Voice and Telephony Estate Audits

Our on-site audits provide an extensive audit of on-site kit where remote access may be difficult allowing you to still get insights and migration considerations

Agile Development of New Requirements

We have many years experience developing both our own software and new functionality for customers.

Custom Dashboard and Reporting Design

Let us design new dashboards and reports for you giving you the business intelligence you need.



We are responsive, available and attentive when dealing with customers and during provision of our services.


We are flexible to changes in customer requirements, work restrictions and can adapt in these circumstances whilst creating new services.


We intuitively predict what may be needed for your business case by using our wealth of knowledge and experience on similar projects.

Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.