Let automation do the work

UCentric dashboards provide all of the same analytics from the rest of UCentric suite combined with a wide range of external data sources. 

Display public traffic feeds, travel times, weather and more in addition to the core UCentric data captured from voice platforms. 


Real time dashboards offer performance at a glance by focusing the attention only where it’s needed giving the confidence that all other measures are well under control and don’t need unnecessary attention. Dashboards can also be quickly adjusted to ensure measurements best reflect the critical business performances at that time. All data captured within UCentric can be added to the dashboard through countless widgets and customisations. 

Instant Understanding

Get real knowledge from dashboards providing exceptions, alerts, trends and metrics instantly. Customise the dashboards and widgets you want to see, so you just get the data you need.

Performance at a Glance

Save time by just getting the analytics and trends you need at a glance. UCentric Dashboards include all of the reporting and analytics capbilities of the UCentric Suite condensed into widgets and dashboards.

Informed Decisions

Make informed, business led decisions using both live and historic trend widgets. Send snapshots to others and share dashboards with colleagues providing real intelligence when needed.

Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.