Cost and Resource Management

Migration projects are complex and time consuming. Ensuring project delivery is quick, accurate and within resource constraints is key.

UCentric drastically reduces the "Time to Cash" by delivering on time and to budget. Clients get their hands on new UC technology much earlier.

Get Up-To-Date and Accurate Data

No need for interpreting complex datasets, UCentric provides factual evidence based on real data.

Use one solution for all vendor types and manufacturers and no need for prior knowledge of PBXs to get started

Leverage Existing Data

Leverage your existing data despite it being unconnected, in different locations and different formats.

Make informed decisions with UCentric which makes sense of complex situations by automation and innovate data blending of your existing data.

Prevent Mistakes with Automation

Better to measure twice and cut once as the cost of sorting out mistakes after the event is always more costlier than preventing them.

Assign both the correct comparable users licenses and only to those users that need them based on utilisation.

Performance at a Glance

Real time analytics via dashboards allow you to focus on areas of concern. Knowing with confidence that everything else is under control.

Add multiple dashboards and quickly change existing dashboards in-line with changing business requirements.

Support From a Trusted Partner

Our project management and professional services utilises our extensive knowledge of both our solution and the voice sector.

We are known as a company who are responsive, intuitive, accessible, trusted, professional and use modern development methodologies.

Manage the sharp uptake in UC adoption with finite resources and time

Migration projects can be complex and time consuming. You need to be able to ensure speed, accuracy and continuity of service as these are the key ingredients for a successful migration programme.

UCentric Voice Migration can drastically reduce the “Time to Cash” by helping to delivery projects on time and under budget. This allows clients and end-users to get their hands on new UC technology much earlier. 

Take full advantage and make sense of all the data already available to you

Given the amount of data your already have available it is important to be able to utilise this effectively. The reality is that data resides in many different places, in different formats and is not always connected in any way. Solutions are need which are intuitive and automated making clear sense of complex situation. 

UCentric Voice Analytics allows you to get an accurate picture of your existing estate from a wide range of vendors, systems and legacy platforms.

Making sure your migration programmes are supported by accurate, up-to-date and relevant data.

Creating factual evidence using real data from your systems reduces interpretations that can lead to inaccuracies. One solution for all vendor types and manufacturers ensures you don’t need specific or prior knowledge of telephony or individual platforms.

UCentric Voice Discovery provides accurate data from your legacy estate through its unique analysis of PBX and telephony platform backups or via direct automated audits over IP, VPN, Serial or Modem. 

Its more cost effective to prevent mistakes rather than correct them after user provisioning has been completed.

User licensing one significant cost of any cloud or UC implementation. Applying licensing to only users that need them or ensuring the appropriate licenses that match requirements are used provides both a cost benefit and less manual intervention post-migration. 

It’s better to measure twice and cut once as the cost of resolving mistakes post-migration are always costlier than preventing them. 

UCentric Voice Provisioning provides an automated path to migration to prevent human-error as well as taking multiple data sources into account for an accurate provisioning process. 

Let automated tools wade through your complex data so you don't have to waste your valuable time, money and effort.

Using dashboards for real-time performance at a glance can focus attention to areas of concern and where its really needed. Be confident in knowing everything else is under control via in-depth reporting and analytics. 

Quickly add multiple dashboards and change existing dashboards in-line with business requirements that are known to frequently change. 

UCentric Dashboards provide all of our extensive analytics experience and in-depth low-level reporting in easy to understand dashboards. Highlight issues and monitor trends to ensure you are always prepared. 

Ensure you have a partner that's continually available to support you given the trust and responsibility already invested.

Support from MIT makes use of our extensive product knowledge and voice expertise across all vendors supplementing your own knowledge. We use the latest agile development methodologies to stay ahead of potential requirements and our project management is focused on delivering projects on time and under budget. 

Our professional services are backed from a company that is responsive, intuitive, accessible, trusted and professional


Brochures and Example Reports

For more information, check out our resources for example reports, dashboards and other sales material.