Your complete solution for Voice.
End-To-End provisioning from discovery of your existing legacy voice estate to
data transformation and automated provisioning to cloud or hosted voice solutions.

Business Drivers

Cost and Resource Management

Migration projects are complex and time consuming. Ensuring project delivery is quick, accurate and within resource constraints is key.

UCentric drastically reduces the "Time to Cash" by delivering on time and to budget. Clients get their hands on new UC technology much earlier.

Get Up-To-Date and Accurate Data

No need for interpreting complex datasets, UCentric provides factual evidence based on real data.

Use one solution for all vendor types and manufacturers and no need for prior knowledge of PBXs to get started

Leverage Existing Data

Leverage your existing data despite it being unconnected, in different locations and different formats.

Make informed decisions with UCentric which makes sense of complex situations by automation and innovate data blending of your existing data.

Prevent Mistakes with Automation

Better to measure twice and cut once as the cost of sorting out mistakes after the event is always more costlier than preventing them.

Assign both the correct comparable users licenses and only to those users that need them based on utilisation.

Performance at a Glance

Real time analytics via dashboards allow you to focus on areas of concern. Knowing with confidence that everything else is under control.

Add multiple dashboards and quickly change existing dashboards in-line with changing business requirements.

Support From a Trusted Partner

Our project management and professional services utilises our extensive knowledge of both our solution and the voice sector.

We are known as a company who are responsive, intuitive, accessible, trusted, professional and use modern development methodologies.

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Welcome to MIT and the UCentric solution suite

Our output is measured in “Minutes not Months”

Our mission: We empower businesses with the knowledge to make data driven decisions about their voice estates through our innovative data capture, transformation, and analysis. Our insights enable repeatable processes ensuring delivery of projects both on time and under budget. 

What Our Customers Say

Many of our customers choose MIT and UCentric due to our multi-vendor capabilities, end-to-end provisioning and deep experience with voice analytics. Here is what some of customers had to say.


UCentric was developed by MIT building on our unique machine level knowledge to gather low level data from a variety of sources and using our extensive data analysis experience.

Voice Auditing and Discovery

UCentric Voice Auditing allows you to get an accurate picture of your existing estate regardless of vendor, system and compatible with many legacy platforms.

Voice Migration

Get migration ready with UCentric Voice Migration, take an existing discovery, blend additional data sources such as AD and get valuable insights for your voice migration prior to provisioning.

Voice Provisioning

Let UCentric Voice Provisioning do all the work, it can automatically provision your existing legacy system to cloud

Voice Analytics

Call data and CDR reporting for the modern workplace. Our Voice Analytics solution brings our 25+ years experience of call logging and reporting.


UCentric dashboards provide all of the same analytics from the rest of UCentric suite combined with a wide range of external data sources. 

Professional Services

MIT Professional services act as an extension to your own resources and talents. MIT’s core knowledge is Voice and we have built up a knowledge and talent base that is Voice multi-vendor, legacy, Digital, IP and Cloud.

Our Clients and Partners

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