UCentric’s unique integration with ZOOM provides unique configuration and insights in a few easy steps.


For an assessment, simply log into UCentric, authenticate with ZOOM and let UCentric do the rest. 


The Sky's The Limit

Voice Audits Made Simple

UCentric Voice Auditing and Discovery from MIT, significantly reduces the resources required to Audit and report on your ZOOM configuration by dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort needed and automating the data capture process 


Time Saving

Get a complete breakdown of all configuration on your on-premise system in a matter of minutes and hours not days and weeks. Remove lengthy change freezes through repeatable auditing and reporting.

Intelligent Analysis

UCentric automatically identifies potential issues or incompatibilities with your current configuration.

Data Driven Decisions

By providing all of the configurations and insights for your system it empowers you to make decisions for your business. For example, you might have users that are always forwarding their desk phone to a mobile phone therefore you can decide whether to keep the device they have or assign elsewhere.


Automated data capture and blending of additional data sources such as CDR/Call Logging, Active Directory and DDI Ranges provide enriched results. These results paint a greater picture of your voice estate ensuring you don't have to rely on configuration data that may be out-of-date.

Quality Guaranteed

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